Stazioneventi has got a communication strategy taylor-made just for you

Every event is unique and needs a strong impact image, able to leave a mark and, above all, to excite. Stazioneventi collaborates with copywriters and communication professionals for the visual identity project of your event and of communication strategies. Our services spread from consultancy to briefing to choose means of communication to the budget definition, from the design and the creation of publishing graphic products to the development of web sites, from media planning to the implementation of commercials, videos and multi-media products supporting presentations and emotional events.


Consultancy services for budget definition, preliminary study on communication supports and average planning.

Project and implementation of logo and image co-ordination, customization of the relevant communication supports.

Offset and digital printing, definition of brochure formats and layouts, presentations, invitations, templates, company budgets, customized gadgets, promotional cards, etc.

Exhibition spaces set designing, planning and development, company presentations, promotional corners, show-cases, congresses, exhibitions and events.

Design and development of web-based systems, design of user interfaces, web-multi-media contents production, creation and management of databases, implementation of commercial banners, re-styling of interfaces and web systems, organization and management of social networks, viral marketing.

Production of audiovisual media, commercials, company video-presentations, audiovisual post-production, animation and video compositing, web animation, signature tunes and credits.